You’ll be welcomed into a supportive community who run/walk to improve mental and physical health and to be able to eat cake without feeling guilty!
Unlike traditional running clubs RIOT SQUAD leads from the back so that no one ever gets left behind, plus you can fit our training sessions in and around YOUR busy life…not the other way round.

Did you know…you’re 70% more likely to stick to a new positive habit when you’re surrounded by a supportive community like ours that keeps you accountable and that’s what RIOT SQUAD is all about!

What you get when you sign up

  • Immediate access to our exclusive private Facebook Community
  • 12 Months of exclusive training, live Q&As, guest expert support, printable resources, challenges and videos with Vicky Tzanetis.
  • Regular race and training meet ups, plus socials
  • A space where you can feel supported, inspired and truly at home.

Do you want to start running, but afraid of joining a local running club?

Do you fear being the slowest or getting left behind?

Maybe you suffer with anxiety and want to do it alone but have the support of a club?

Join the best virtual running club for just £79 (£11.99 per month Direct Debit) for the year and enjoy taking part in our virtual challenges across the world!

Gain in confidence and become a stronger runner at your own pace

Get inspiration, 
motivation and accountability direct from your mobile phone when you need it

Get weekly training sessions to try sent
direct to your inbox

Want in?
Your investment
£79 for a 12 month membership (Less than the price of a cup of tea each week)

Annual Membership
*please note annual memberships are based on a recurring payment basis and you can cancel at any time, however if you fail to cancel and it auto renews we do not issue refunds.


How does a ‘virtual running club work’?

Just like a traditional one really but without having to attend the club's running sessions in person.

You can also use Vicky and other members as a sounding board to ask advice, find training buddies and get support when things get tough. You have a library full of training sessions, downloadable plans, videos etc that you can dip in and out of when you like to.

Who is the coach?

Vicky Tzanetis has a BSc Sports & Exercise Science (Hons) degree; qualified Life Coach; Community Sports Leader; England Athletics Mental Health Ambassador and Running Coach to the stars!

I’m a total beginner, will the training be too much for me?

Never! If nothing changes - nothing changes.  As long as you're moving you're taking steps to a better you! It's not about speed, PBs, world records, it's just about getting fitter and more active in a supportive environment.

I’ve heard that running overweight is bad for your joints etc. Should I lose some weight before I start trying to run? 

A sedentary lifestyle is fatal and the benefits of exercise far outweigh the risks so no more excuses - let's get fitter together!

Shouldn’t running be FREE? Why do you charge?

Running clubs are often FREE or for a small charge because they are run by volunteers. This is Vicky’s job and her knowledge and passion is priceless. In one year, Vicky got over 500 people off the couch and is now working with local authorities to reach the wider community of all ages.  If you are paying for this service this acts as an incentive for you to actually use it and make the most out of it. £79 for the year is about the price of a cup of tea each week, yet members get enormous value from having access to Vicky’s experience, inspiration and of course all of the resources she creates for her community.