Schools offer a variety of sporting activities, but these tend to attract those that can.  Those that aren't excellent at competitive sport or lack self confidence tend to shy away from P.E. for fear of negative comments from their peers.  In my opinion, this is one of the key reasons we are facing an obesity crisis and our children are struggling with their mental health.  We all need an "out" for our feelings and what better way then to release those happy hormones produced during exercise?

When I approach a school, the majority of headteachers see the word running and think "we have an athletics club" or "we have a running club already".  These clubs appeal to those that love running or athletics so again those that lack self confidence won't attend.  My focus is on having fun and playing games in a safe environment.  I might not produce any Mo Farrahs but the children who have attended my club have shown a remarkable improvement in their physical and mental wellbeing.

I am also available to set up "active challenges" (focused on steps taken rather than speed or ability) or deliver assemblies or PSHE lessons starting the conversation about mental health.  If you would like to make a booking or ask any further questions please email me

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